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Beekeeping Hana Sarcevic For nature and with nature


Honey is made from nectar that rassella collects in nature and is processed in its body and then deposited in the honeycomb cells. It is an extremely nutritious food, rich in many nutrients with great physiological and preventive value for the human body.


Honey is a powerful antioxidant to boost immunity and is especially recommended in combination with lemon. Honey from the climate in which it lives can help the body get used to pollen and thus reduce allergies!

Flavonoids, ascorbic acid, phenolic acids and carotenoids are just some of the antioxidants in honey. The antioxidant composition of honey depends on the plant source, and the dark honey shows strong antioxidant properties.

The main antioxidants in honey are the flavonoids, which studies have shown have strong antioxidant effects on vitamins.



Honey has many other medicinal properties and is usually attributed to the medicinal properties of the plants from which it comes.


We produce two types of honey, spring and summer. This apiculture method makes it possible to minimize disturbance to the nurseries in their natural collective life, as well as the high quality of honey. These two types of honey contain nectars and traces of pollen from all plants and fruits that bloom in these climates. In: the clean natural environment of our rivers there are fields of butter, clover, as well as trees 1ipe, chestnut, various fruits, as well as conifers ...

., About Hana Sarcevic's office:

My name is Hana Zarcevic, born in 1994 and I am the president of the Beekeepers Association with approximately 240 members. I and my family have been involved in the production of rassel and honey for several years. We started working in the office with the desire to contribute to the conservation of nature and to produce 100% natural honey with all its positive and natural properties. The quality of our honey, as well as the packaging in which the honey is placed, is regularly checked by the Office and the Veterinary Institute in Germany.

PLe1arstvo Hana Sarcevic

Meyerbeerstr. 54 48163 Miinster

Phone: 0049 1791226151 email: [email protected]

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