The greatest possible care has been taken in compiling this website, but it is possible
no warranty is made as to the correctness or accuracy of the information contained in this publication
occurring data, information or advice or with regard to the suitability thereof for any
purpose, situation or application.

Therefore, no appeal can ever be made, for whatever reason, or any
liability as a result of damage, losses or other consequences that could be
result from the use of the data or information on this site !!

Pre-determined clause
By website is meant; all web pages from which files are saved on the web space and domain of
www.prijatelji.nl and by enclosure of the aforementioned (Indirect) hyperlinked from the homepage, with
the abidance of the webpage's criteria in “Pre-determined Clause”.
The web page is every page of this website on which a hyperlink is placed to direct you to this disclaimer,
ultimately stating that this disclaimer applies for that page.
Content: texts and hyperlinks, pictures and client-side scripts, sound and video fragments. These are
examples which are not meant to be excluded from other forms of content.
By use of this website is meant: (up) loading and logging on, requesting and viewing, consulting and
listening, filling out- and sending forms and utilizing services without excluding or restricting the
aforementioned examples.
Visitor / User: natural and / or legal person who uses the page;
Damage: direct or indirect damage of any nature;
The company: CV Prijatelji, KVK No. 59978155;
Misuse: misuse is defined by misuse of the website: it is not allowed to copy any part of the website unless
this is used for your personal (consumer) use. Nor is it allowed to place an edited version of the website - of
which can be reasonably assumed that this is done with the purpose to bring the business harm - under a
different domain online. Taking email addresses or other contact data from our website to misuse (or
abuse) for purposes such as spam and commercial calls is also not allowed. Every other form of misuse
which has not been mentioned above, but is acknowledged by the Dutch law.
By using this website you are agreeing to this disclaimer. Every point as mentioned below is relevant to the
The company assures the information on the website is updated regularly. The company is not to be held
responsible for any errors or incompleteness in the presented information.
The company does not guarantee the contents of the website are appropriate for a particular purpose.
The company is not responsible for damage:
Brought by the website
Brought by usage of the website
In any other way regarding (the use of) the website
Brought by the inability to access (one of the pages of) the website.
The company has immunity from claims in the event of imminent harm
The company has the right to remove information, make changes and to add to the contents of the website
at any given time.
The company has the right to completely terminate the website without prior notice or further claims. The
company is not to be held responsible for any consequences (damage) brought by terminating the
The company is not responsible for websites and files attached to external hyperlinks.
The company has the right to deny your access to the website and its services without prior notice.
While visiting the website, general data of your computer will be saved into log-files. These are used for
statistics. Though in case of misuse, this data will also be used to monitor your visits to the website or deny
your access.
The visitor indemnifies the company and its employees, representatives and business partners, licensors
etc. of judicial and extrajudicial measures and the costs brought by the use or misuse of the website or
violation of any law what so ever.


If you have any questions or remarks about this disclaimer, please contact us via the following contact

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