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Botunjac Rasplet Riesling Italico | Witte Wijn |

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Rasplet is an amazing white wine made from grape variety Riesling Italico. It is made by Kosta Botunjac hands and named Raplet which means ''conclusion'' as refer to his daughter who is the conclusion of the love between him and his wife.

Riesling Italico, Italian Riesling.

This grape variety Riesling Italico also called Wrlsch Riesling has totally different origin and by its taste than the German Rhine Riesling.
Riesling Italico vines are popular and widespread across vineyards in Eastern European countries and in central Europe, where the soil lends itself to this variety.

Riesling produced by Kosta Botunjac is a dry, crystal clear wine with green and gold color accents. Pale gold it has a somewhat alcoholic nose of apples and rich, dark musk aromas of pear with a hint of resin and yeast.

All wines from Botunjac are unfiltered and produced without the use of selective yeasts, added enzymes and without the use of electric pumps.

Food paring: spicy pasta dishes, vegeterian food, poultry, pork, salmon and tuna

Alcoholpercentage: 13%

Serving temperature: 10C