Cedevita | Limeta | 455G

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Cedevita Lime - De beroemde zoete zure smaak combinatie in Cedevita lime is de beste verfrissing. En ook een rijke, bron van vitaminen waar je het hele jaar door op kan rekenen.


Cedevita Lime - The well known sweet and sour combination of flavours in Cedevita lime is the best refreshment, but also a great, reliable source of vitamins throughout the year.

Cedevita is a great drink and better than everything else! Cedevita has a great taste and Cedevita is full of vitamins! Vitamins are active organic substances that are indispensable for the proper operation of vital bodily functions, must be introduced into the body through food and cannot be replaced by other substances. The body cannot produce them itself, except in rare situations when their direct provitamin forms are present. The amount of vitamins necessary is linked to age, gender, as well as the physical and physiological state. For the body to function properly, we must, first of all, watch our nutrition and make sure that we receive sufficient vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, food, more often than not, due to the way it is prepared and stored, contains very low levels of vitamins. In order to avoid the undesired results of poor nutrition and the lack of vitamins in the body, we recommend CEDEVITA – one of the best known – multivitamin products.