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Maurer | CrazyLud Orange 2019 | 0.75L

Normale prijs €15,95

Inclusief belasting.
CrazyLud Orange is made by the guardian of Serbian en Hungarian native grape varieties Oszkar Maurer.
This orange wine made of EzerJo had seven days of skin contact and 10 months in 500L old oak barrels.
Beautiful dark amber colour, well balanced acidity, gently fruity, more herbal with a hint of green tea, only 10,5% alcohol!

A real Party Wine.

The wine gets bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Ezerjó is an old white Hungarian wine grape.

It is praised for its very fruity nose and crisp, full-bodied freshness. 

This wine has a very long history including being a favorite to the royals of the Habsburg dynasty.
Literally translated, it means ‘a thousand boons’.