Plantaze Crnogorski | Merlot | 2015 13.5% 0.75L

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Inclusief belasting.

The famous French variety preserved its best characteristics in Podgorica's vineyard, but also gained the sophistication brought by the sun, stone and vines in the collision of the Mediterranean and continental climate. The best features of the selected Merlot clones, with the Vranac variety, were transferred to the Montenegrin Merlot wine - superior red wine, controlled origin and quality.

The wine is a closed ruby red, characteristic varietal taste, with a discreet smell of rose. Sophisticated wine, harmonious noise and fullness, which makes it typical for the famous wines of the Montenegrin wine-growing region.

It is recommended with not too spicy dishes of white and red meat, beefsteak, pork, smoked ham, smoked meat, hard cheeses as well as cakes made from poppy and walnut.