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Kogl Magna Dominica Albus | 0.75L

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Vinum Spumans Ruber Clasique Kogl estate is based in a village called Velika Nedelja - “Great Sunday” - Magna Dominica in Latin. And Albus means White. MAGNA DOMINICA - ALBUS is a blend of Riesling, Yellow Muskat and Auxerrois. Unlike the rest of the range, which are matured in stainless steel, Magna Dominica is matured in traditional big wooden barrels and is released after one year of ageing. Its color is less intense lemon yellow, some bubbles of CO2 are still preserved confirming its freshness. The nose shows maturity, class. Freshness is still preserved expressing lively floral and fruity notes. It is dry, slightly soft with moderate acidity and with more body than the rest of Kogl range. Richness and maturity place Magna Dominica in style of wines that requires slightly richer food, such as pasta. It will go well also with white meat, fish and with big Sunday lunch.