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Zlatan Plavac | Exclusive 2010 | 0.75L

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Inclusief belasting.

Plavac mali grapes from the vineyards around Sveta Nedjelja give us exceptional wines from the very beginning - Zlatan Plavac, Zlatan Plavac Barrique and our most famous Zlatan Plavac Grand Select. Since 2013, to this powerful trio we have joined a limited-edition wine: Zlatan Plavac Exclusive. Long-term and specially nurtured Plavac, which we produce in limited quantities and distribute to collectors and top restaurants.

Zlatan Plavac Exclusive is sophisticated wine with a refined aroma, complex structure and a strong, rich, perfectly balanced taste. At the same time incredibly powerful and completely smooth. Wine for special occasions.

Vineyards: Sveta Nedjelja - Hvar
Variety: Plavac mali
Type: Dry, red wine
Classification: High-quality wine
Aging: Barrique barrels of French oak
Alcohol: 15%
Serving temperature: 14-18°C
Food pairing: Enjoy it alone after your meal or with some premium pepper steak or even dark chocolate