Kamnik Winemakers' Selection | Winemakers’ Selection Greco di Tufo Viognier &Chardonnay 2019 | 13.5% 0.75L

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A dry white wine made as a blend of carefully selected grape varieties from the Kamnik vineyards, Viognier (31%) and Greco di Tufo (69%). The wine has brilliant clarity and hay-like yellow color. The aroma is complex, with predominant fruity tones of apricot, pear, citrus fruits and yellow flowers. The taste is full-bodied, well-balanced, with harmonious acidity, obvious minerality and fruity-spicy aftertaste.


Recommended serving temperature: 8-10˚С,


Enjoy this wine as aperitif or paired with light starters and Mediterranean cuisine specialties.


Alcohol: 13.5% by Vol.