Zlatan Otok | 2020 | 0.75L 12.0%

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Zlatan Otok

Kroatische droge witte wijn. Kwaliteits wijn gemaakt van inheemse druivensoorten. Onder andere domineren bogdanuša, Prc, Mekuja en Cetinka uit de gebieden van Milna, Zavala en Hvar. Wijn, gerijpt in roestvrij stalen tanks tot het bottelen. Goudgeel van kleur, citroen en groene appel aroma met een uitgesproken zuurtje. Fris en makkelijk te drinken. Alcohol 12,0%



quality white dry wine

Zlatan Otok

Quality dry wine made from native grape varieties, among which dominate bogdanuša, PRC, Mekuja and Cetinka from areas of Milna, Zavala and Hvar. Wine, it ages in stainless steel tanks until bottling. Golden yellow color, lemon and green apple aroma with a pronounced acidity. Fresh and easy to drink.

Alcohol 12%


* Prč or parč is another indigenous Croatian white wine variety, but one of those that won’t be easy to purchase or just give a taste on its own, even if you’re on the island of Hvar. And that island is prč’s home, as it has been shown that it’s been grown here for centuries. These days it is grown almost exclusively around Sućuraj on the Eastern side of Hvar. And it is almost impossible to find a prč vineyard anywhere, as it is usually grown together with other Hvar varieties in the vineyards. Prč has quite a distinctive bouquet, somewhat fruity. Traditionally used for – prošek, very special Croatian straw wine. The modern dry version is gold-yellow in colour with intense flavour and distinctive muscadine bouquet. It contains from 12 to 13 percent of alcohol, and low acids.