Bakina Tajna / Extra Jam | Rozenbottel / Sipurak / Rosehip | 670g | Extra Jam & Fruitbutter / Dzemovi i pekmezi

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Extra jams & fruit butters

Inspired by traditional recipes, quality and good taste, we prepare homemade extra james and butters. The extra jam and butter preparing process takes time, lot of hours and demands great skills in order to obtain quality and preserve fruit nutrients. They are prepared exclusively in the domestic environment of the traditional recipes of our grandmothers, using fresh fruits exclusively, without preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.


Huisgemaakte jam met hele vruchten

  • zonder toegevoegde conserveringsmiddelen, kleur- of smaakstoffen
  • glutenvrij - bewaren bij kamertemperatuur
  • ingredienten [vrucht] glucose siroop suiker