Harizma Chardonnay | 2019&2021 | 0.75L

Normale prijs €16,95

Inclusief belasting.

Crystal clear golden yellow color. Sophisticated aromatic complex composed of refreshing tones of pineapple, mango, lime and fresh herbs, with a discreet note of marzipan.

On the palate, the wine is full, extremely soft, with rich citrus tones and a sumptuous fruity finish. All types of river and sea fish, white meat and white toppings.

Ideal: Caesar salad, chicken and veal with lemon, perch in almond sauce, "drunk" carp and catfish, grilled sturgeon, smoked salmon, vitelo tonato (veal in tuna sauce), pasta with shellfish and crabs, grilled prawns, cold pork, pork fillet, tropical fruit salad; cheeses: brie, camembert, gouda, emmentaler.