Lino Lada | Milk Chocopasta | 350G

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Inclusief belasting.

It can be eaten as a bread spread, for filling pancakes, with ice-cream, for preparing delicious cakes and desserts, or as a treat on its own.

The lighter side of the unprecedented chocolate spread

Omni popular Lino lada milk is the only white spread in the market, so its popularity is no surprise. It owes its irresistible taste and texture to milk (full-fat powder milk 21%) and the finest hazelnuts. Calcium from the milk is irreplaceable in our body for building bones and teeth.

Lino lada milk provides you abundance of energy, which will undoubtedly bring it to the menus of athletes and children, but also of all the fans of desserts. 


The finest combination of milk and hazelnuts • No preservatives