Aura Teranino | 0.7L 15,9%

Normale prijs €30,45

Inclusief belasting.

The ruby red colour with purple reflections reveals the Terrano's vivacity while the fragrance is intensified by a spicy note mixed with cinnamon and cloves.

The taste is elegant, sweet and has a long-lasting ending and is reminiscent of the best Porto and Sherry wines.

This product is made of a range of differing tastes, with a special note being given by a blend of the red Teran, a delicious fruit brandy made from 10 herbs and spices. This liqueur has 6 months to mature.

The scent is dominated by a note of ripe sour cherry, milk chocolate and cinnamon. It tastes sweet, fine and layered, while the aftertaste carries notes of jam and sour cherry.
At the prestigious competition during the blind tasting, all jurors simultaneously declared Aura Teranino to be better than gold!