Vegeta Food Seasoning | Normaal | 1KG

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Vegeta is the most famous Croatian product and the absolute authority in the market of universal food seasonings. It is a combination of vegetables and seasoning herbs and a must have product in your kitchen. Podravka created Vegeta back in 1959 in the search of a way to enhance and improve the aroma of meals and causing a true culinary revolution!

Vegeta's secret lies in the fact that it does not dominate the aroma and flavor of a meal, but rather adds fullness to it. Simply sprinkle Vegeta over any meat to be roasted or BBQ-ed or add it to soups, sauces, vegetables, rice and other cooked food 5 minutes before they are done. Your meal will have a stronger aroma and will be much tastier.

As a universal food seasoning it gives a full and rich flavour to all savoury dishes, from the tiniest snacks to the richest of feasts. It is a unique mixture of spices enriched with several kinds of dried vegetables. Vegeta is a combination of culinary experience and healthy ingredients.